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There are two typical modern solutions for daily UV protection: sunscreen or wearables with these chemical finishes. UVtec presents an innovative concept in UV protection that has been tailored to mitigate the shortfalls of existing products by effectively protecting you against all UV radiation, while avoiding any chemical finish.

Under the Sea

The Environment

The everyday shopper may not be fully aware of the environmental impact of overusing Sunscreen. Sunscreen has shown to raise the pH levels of the ocean, resulting in coral bleaching and lowering the fertility in fish, slowly destroying our marine life ecosystems. 

Tan Girl

Personal Health

Sunscreen has shown to be an effective form of sun-protection but overusing this product has shown to have possible personal health effects. In fact, Dr. Erum Ilyas has found that after just one day of use our skin absorbs up to four times the safe amount of sunscreen into our bodies.


Learn More

To learn more about the state of the sun-protective industry check out the UVtec media page 


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The Concept

Our patent-pending concept defies today’s products' ineffectiveness through four key attributes: zero chemical-finishes, sun-protection durability that lasts past five times the industry standard of washes, protection from over 98% of all UV radiation and a consistent UPF rating of fifty or higher


Our Testing Process

The UVtec Concept can be integrated into a number of potential manufacturing processes. Textiles produced in partnership with UVTec are required to uphold a standard of environmentally sustainable production. Our proprietary certification process includes testing for UPF level, durability, and composition in order to guarantee that all UVTec Certified Products adhere to our standard. 



UVTec Certification has the capacity to reinforce a wide range of products that you encounter on a daily basis. From high performance athletic clothing to the umbrella you take to the beach, the applications of our UVTec Certified Textiles are endless.

Dr. Erum Ilyas, MD, MBE, FAAD


Our founder Dr. Erum Ilyas has been studying skin for over two decades and has become one of the most reputable physicians in her Specialty. She has served over 30,000 patients while also founding her very own Dermatology Practice in the Greater Philadelphia area. She currently serves as the CEO of Amernoon while continuing to serve as a Dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology.

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